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Radivell Vital, Vellsam’s new rooting agent, acts on the main root,inducing a change in the architecture and morphology of the root system Potential benefits of increased root density in plants aredeterminants for the successful implementation of a crop. Growthvegetative growth is directly related to the development of the root system,This parameter is especially critical in […]

Brixtoner Vital, Vellsam’s new biostimulant, enhances sugar accumulation and favors a better distribution of sugars in the fruit. The fruit ripening stage is key to provide adequate organoleptic qualities to the production and to determine the economic yield of the crop. In fruits, sugars provide sweetness, which is the most important parameter that determines quality. […]

This collaboration is the result of an agreement reached a year ago between theAlmeria-based multinational company and the production and marketing companyAmerican Vellsam Materias Bioactivas and Fresh Del Monte have launched De l’Ora Bio, a newpartnership which has inaugurated an innovative plant in Kenya to producebiofertilizers from pineapple processing biomass. This collaboration is the result […]