Ethical Channel

Welcome to the Internal Channel of Complaints of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L.

The relations of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L. with its customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders are not only based on compliance with our legal obligations, but go much further, responding to a firm commitment contained in our Code of Ethics and based on the principles of integrity, social responsibility and absolute rejection of corruption in all its forms.
For the above and in order to prevent unethical behavior and criminal risks in our company, VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L makes available to people who have, or have had, work, professional or interest relationship with our company, this Internal Whistleblower Channel as a secure and confidential means through which they can report possible irregular conduct or breaches of both internal ethical standards of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L as well as European Union or national regulations affecting VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L as a company, its professionals or its activities.

  • What matters can be reported or denounced through the whistleblower channel?
    In accordance with the objective scope of EU Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection and that determined by the respective national laws implementing it, the breaches that may be reported include those related to the following matters:
    – corruption in all its forms,
    – public procurement,
    – financial services, products and markets,
    – prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism,
    – product safety and compliance,
    – transport safety,
    – protection of the environment,
    – radiation protection and nuclear safety,
    – food and feed safety, animal health and welfare,
    – public health,
    – consumer protection,
    – protection of privacy and personal data,
    – security in networks and information systems,
    – infringements affecting the financial interests of the European Union and the
    – infringements relating to the internal market.

Likewise, actions or omissions that may constitute a serious or very serious criminal or administrative offense, including those that involve an economic loss to the Treasury and Social Security, as well as actions or omissions that may involve a breach of the Code of Ethics of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L., our Criminal Compliance Policy and the Criminal Compliance Management System, may also be reported.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This channel is not an emergency channel and is not designed as a central warning center, so please refrain from using it to report events or circumstances that pose a danger to the life and health of people or damage to property.
Also, do not disclose information to us if, by doing so, you commit a crime under the laws of your country.

  • How does this Internal Whistleblower Channel work? This electronic channel of communication is absolutely confidential, both in terms of
    The system is an effective, safe and secure means of reporting and guarantees the protection of whistleblowers against possible reprisals.
    Through this channel, the informant can make either a nominative complaint, indicating the personal data required to contact you, or an anonymous complaint.
    Likewise, and at the request of the informant, a complaint may also be submitted through a face-to-face meeting with the person in charge of the Compliance System of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L. This request shall be made to the e-mail address and the meeting shall take place, unless it is impossible, within a maximum period of seven days from the date of the request.
    The person responsible for the channel is the person in charge of the Compliance System of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS SL, who will process the internal investigations, with specialized external support, if necessary, and ensuring, at all times, the confidentiality of communications.
    You can find more information by accessing our Whistleblower Channel Policy and the Whistleblower Channel Procedure available on our website.
  • Information on external channels.
    In any case, whistleblowers may also address their communications to the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority or to any other competent Institution or Body.
  • Protection of informant’s data
    In accordance with Directive 2019/1937 and Organic Law 3/2018 on digital rights, the lawfulness of the processing of data obtained through the complaints channel derives from compliance with the provisions of Law 2/2023 on the protection of informants and in any case, for having public interest.
    As the complainant, you are informed that the person responsible for the treatment is VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS, with address at Ctra. National 340 km 477 , Tabernas (Almería). The Data Protection Delegate is located at the same address of the data controller and at the e-mail address, where you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition and limitation of processing.
    If you do not receive a response, you can go to the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( The purpose of the processing is the investigation and resolution of the complaints filed and the storage period will be three months in the channel and up to a maximum of ten years in the Book-Register of complaints received, where personal data will be anonymized. The recipients of the data provided may be the judicial authorities in cases where criminal risks are reported that make it necessary, and third parties who must adopt the imposition of sanctions if necessary.
    Access to the data contained in these procedures will be limited exclusively to the person in charge of the Compliance System of VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS S.L (Compliance Officer), to the departments and bodies of the company that due to the subject matter and the result of the investigation is necessary to intervene in the investigation or in the resolution of the investigation procedure, when the completion of the same results in a sanction.
    Those reports that have not been followed up may only be recorded in anonymized form.


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