Quality Policy

For decades, VELLSAM MATERIAS BIOACTIVAS has been a pioneer in the research, design and production of biotechnological solutions (biostimulants and plant nutrients) with the aim of improving the way food is grown in most of the world.

The Company’s Management is aware that the achievement of adequate Quality is a primary objective and its own commitment, and therefore assumes the responsibility of implementing and maintaining the highest degree of quality in the services provided by VELLSAM. We are always in a continuous process of national and international expansion and we have three production and commercialization centers in the province of Almeria, Spain (Tabernas, Roquetas de Mar and Nijar) and new offices in Colombia and Egypt.

VELLSAM has contributed significantly to the development of the Almeria agricultural model, an international benchmark for intensive agriculture under plastic.

It has done so by promoting research and development of increasingly specialized agricultural biotechnology solutions in response to a constantly evolving sector.

Since our inception, we have always promoted a sustainable, efficient and future-oriented agricultural culture. Our line of products developed for organic farming is the best example of this objective.

We contribute to the protection of the environment by using only solar energy in all our production processes in our Tabernas and Roquetas de Mar centers, hoping to be able to extend this situation to the other center in Nijar in the medium term. And also helping to generate sustainable agriculture, especially in developing countries. To maintain this commitment to sustainability, we use as a tool an Integrated Environmental Management System, which identifies, controls, assesses and manages the negative impacts that may be caused by our activity in order to prevent, minimize or even eliminate them, thus achieving continuous improvement in environmental quality, environmental protection, pollution prevention, as well as other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization.

Our goal is to develop a company that, offering a guarantee of quality in the services provided, can meet the requirements and needs of our customers ensuring at all times an adequate service.

The development of our Environmental Management System is based on the content of Spanish standards (UNE), which are not mandatory, such as UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, referring to Quality, and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management. Input Certificates Une 142500 and 315500 accredited by CAAE. Standardized norms whose certification allows accessibility to a wider and more competitive market.

Likewise, it is not possible to achieve customer satisfaction without the satisfaction of our employees, therefore, our Integrated Management System involves all the personnel working in the organization, starting with the Management, who assumes the main commitment. In this way, the Integrated Management System involves the entire organizational structure and contemplates actions in the planning phase as well as in the execution of production activities, promoting the development of procedures and the incorporation of materials and equipment that improve the proposed quality standards and reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impacts and risks for workers, controlling and improving the effectiveness of such measures, contributing to increase the company’s competitiveness.

Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the UN, to improve the lives of all, fighting climate change and promoting economic balance and equality.

We are members of the Spanish Association for the Recovery of Packaging AEVAE, which is a Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility. This partnership promotes environmental protection and the transition to a circular economy model. Three collection points for agricultural containers are located in Tabernas, Níjar and Roquetas.

We comply with the European Community REACH regulation of December 18, 2006 and the General Data Protection regulation of May 25, 2018.

The Management, as head of the Integrated Management System, assumes the commitment to comply with all the requirements and the purpose of continuous improvement in its activity in order to continuously satisfy the present and future needs of our customers, carrying out a continuous review of the same and allowing its modification in order to make it compatible with the principle of improvement.

In order to achieve the goals set, VELLSAM intends to fulfill the following objectives:

– Compliance with established deadlines.

– Do not assume commitments that we are not absolutely convinced of fulfilling.

– Increase and improve internal communication to optimize coordination between people and departments.

– To commit ourselves to comply with environmental legislation and that applicable to our sector, seeking continuous improvement in all processes and products.

– Optimize communication with our customers to better detect their needs and be able to meet them.

– Commitment towards the fulfillment of all the requirements of our clients, satisfying the needs and expectations for the increase of our clients’ satisfaction.

– To encourage and stimulate the company’s personnel in Quality and Environmental matters, committing them to the implementation and improvement of the Management System.

– Integrate quality criteria and respect for the environment in all phases of the production process. Using resources sustainably to mitigate climate change.

– Promote the adoption of proactive measures, with the certainty that this will favor efficiency and productivity.

– Extend the concept of integrated management to VELLSAM’s suppliers by introducing quality and environmental criteria in services and supplies.

– Establish and maintain a close collaboration with the different Public Administrations, in order to be a positive reference in this matter in any society where the Company develops its activity.

– To ensure a positive attitude and participation of the entire company in the changes necessary for the continuous improvement that we pursue in the areas of quality and environment.

– To promote and supervise comprehensive and human professional training at all levels of the company so that all VELLSAM employees are aware of the impact of their work on their own benefit and on the benefit of customers, colleagues and collaborators.

– Maintain a high degree of environmental quality in our processes, preventing, minimizing or eliminating the negative impacts that our activity may cause.

– Comply with legal requirements, always seeking improvement in everything and emphasizing the management of waste, consumption and emissions.

This company, quality and environmental policy is communicated and disseminated to all interested parties who wish to know about it. We are committed to its continuous review and adaptation.

Rev Oct. 2022


If you are interested in consulting our environmental performance, you can request it at the following address: vguerrero@vellsam.com.


Quality Certification – ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 is a rule that standardizes the quality control system of organizations. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an entity that brings together representatives from different countries to develop standardization norms in different areas of action.

Environmental Certification – ISO 14001

The ISO 14000 series of standards is a set of standards covering environmental, product and organizational aspects, most notably ISO 14001, an international environmental management standard published in 1996, following the success of the ISO 9000 series of standards for quality management systems.

CAAE Green Certification

CAAE is the certification body specialized in organic production that certifies more hectares in Europe, more than 1,000,000 hectares.

SHC Green Certification – Sohiscert

SOHISCERT is a Certification Body that offers certification services for agri-food products that evaluates and makes an objective statement that an agri-food product complies with the production requirements of the normative document or specification to which it is attached. To this end, they carry out audits in which they evaluate the conformity of the products with these requirements. If the result of the evaluation is favorable, SOHISCERT issues a certificate of conformity.

Members of the Spanish Association for the Valorization of Packaging (AEVAE)

Through this membership, Vellsam’s customers will have three collection points for empty containers that are no longer of any use, at no cost to the farmer.


Thanks to our philosophy, we have obtained the REACH Code, which endorses us as a company committed to the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that chemical products may present.

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