Researching in the
present to
improve the future.

Vellsam collaborates with the University of
Granada, in the Vellsam-UGR chair for innovation
in nutrition and health, researching the effects
of fruit and vegetable products
and bioactive substances and developing
new agricultural products aimed at cancer
prevention and cardiovascular health.

Together we change the world.

Vellsam has created the Zamora Castillo Foundation for the purpose of:

– Contribute to economic and cultural progress and social welfare.

– Contribute to the development of the talent of young people who stand out in the different levels of education, with special attention to young people with limited economic resources.

– Encourage and collaborate with the development of the social economy with a focus on agriculture.

– Development and execution of all types of activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and scientific research and technological development.

– Encouraging the protection and defense of the environment and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Sport as part
of the change.

In Vellsam we are aware of the
many benefits that physical activity brings to people, therefore,
we have created a Sports Club firmly
committed to the health of our environment.

Vellsam Team was created with the aim of providing
the opportunity to those young promises
in the world of sports, who wish
to continue their progression to the
highest level of competition, thus
collaborating with various sports disciplines that
promote inclusion and integrity from the creation of a
tolerant and egalitarian community.