United to the earth.

We are a family company that for
decades has been a pioneer in the research,
design and production of
biotechnological solutions (biostimulants and plant nutrients)
with the aim of improving the way in which food
is grown in most parts of the world.

continue to work
alongside farmers on a
daily basis.

From Almeria to the world.

We were born in Almeria, the cradle
of technological agriculture and the orchard of Europe,
to offer the world knowledge and innovation through
a model of agriculture based on valid
and constantly evolving products adapted to each
land, each soil, each crop. For this reason we have
production centers in Europe and America,
marketing our products in the
5 continents.

That is why we continue to work every day, alongside farmers, staying true to the way we do things, step by step, moving forward so that our customers' crops can advance and improve day by day, sharing the goal of being efficient today but thinking about tomorrow.

Our greatest strength
lies in our laboratory.

For Vellsam the laboratories are the backbone of
the company that allow us to bring to the market
that concern for improving crops, land and the environment, so
we work in our laboratories to control
the entire process, because we are manufacturers,
but above all we are researchers
offering adaptability, versatility, quality and
vanguard in all our products.

We empower the progress of our customers and humanity through biotechnology.