Up to 20% increase in Brix and improvement in firmness and fruit weight in Angelle tomatoes.

Brixtoner Vital, Vellsam’s new biostimulant, enhances sugar accumulation and favors a better distribution of sugars in the fruit.

The fruit ripening stage is key to provide adequate organoleptic qualities to the production and to determine the economic yield of the crop. In fruits, sugars provide sweetness, which is the most important parameter that determines quality. The relationship between sugar content, measured as soluble solids content (Brix) and fruit yield is often inversely proportional. Sugars are also important in generating turgor pressure to promote fruit cell expansion and as signal molecules to control fruit development and metabolism, although these additional functions often tend to be forgotten. Sugars are therefore closely related to fruit yield and quality, playing a key role in fruit set, growth, ripening and fruit composition.
In tomato, fruit size and yield generally decrease as fruit sugar content increases in plants grown under salinity stress conditions. In cases where there is no trade-off between fruit sugar content and yield, increased fruit sugar content is likely to be accompanied by increased photosynthesis, decreased respiration, or increased sugar distribution to the fruit.
In this sense, the R+D+i department of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has formulated a new biostimulant using natural compounds that the plant itself synthesizes during the fruit formation and ripening phase, giving the plant a greater capacity to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the harvested fruit. It is Brixtoner Vital, which enhances the accumulation of sugars through increased photosynthesis and decreased respiration, favoring a greater distribution of sugars in the fruit.
With this new product, Brixtoner Vital, trials carried out on Angelle tomato crops have shown an increase of up to 20% in Brix degrees, an improvement in fruit firmness, thus extending post-harvest life, as well as an increase in the weight of harvested fruit.