Vellsam and Fresh Del Monte launch De l’Ora Bio and open innovative plant to produce biofertilizers from pineapple biomass in Kenya

This collaboration is the result of an agreement reached a year ago between the
Almeria-based multinational company and the production and marketing company

Vellsam Materias Bioactivas and Fresh Del Monte have launched De l’Ora Bio, a new
partnership which has inaugurated an innovative plant in Kenya to produce
biofertilizers from pineapple processing biomass. This collaboration is the result of the
agreement reached a year ago between the Almeria-based multinational, a leader in I-D-i and
and the leading producer and marketer of biotechnological solutions, and the producer and marketer of
to form a new company with which they will open new factories throughout the United States.
the world over.

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De l’Ora Bio’s new plant is located close to Del Monte Kenya, a subsidiary of Fresh
Del Monte in this country, and will use biomass from pineapple processing at the Del Monte plant.
This company’s canned products are used to create different types of biofertilizers for their use and
eventual sale to other producers on the African continent. It is currently
The testing phase is nearing completion and the plant will be fully operational in June.
Through De l’Ora Bio, the newly formed biofertilizer company, Vellsam and Fresh
Del Monte aim to maximize the use of residues, improve the fertility of the
and meet the growing demand of consumers looking for products with a high quality and
nutritious and sustainably grown.

The CEO of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, María Zamora, stated that she was pleased to be
“very proud of the start-up of De l’Ora Bio and of this new plant.
totally innovative”, and recalled that “it is one more step within the agreement that
that shows that “the future of agriculture is the future of the
Created in 1999 from the entrepreneurial spirit and business passion of its founders
founders, Maria Zamora and Francisco Castillo, who were aware of the needs of the
agriculture at the end of the twentieth century to improve productivity ratios and the
Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has been advising farmers for 25 years on the profitability of their crops.
farmers around the world with tailor-made biotechnology solutions with which they can
improve crop yields.
Currently, the company is present in more than 50 countries, and its headquarters are located in
from the factories to the laboratories for the research and development of new products.
microorganisms and physicochemical for the formulation of new fertilizer products.
and biostimulants in Tabernas (Almería).