How to achieve more production, crop quality and yield in greenhouse tomato cultivation

Auxvell Vital and Maxivell Vital, two new solutions from Vellsam on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, improve yield per ha by 17% and 13%.

The current trend in horticultural crop production is to increase the number and size of fruits in order to achieve better yields, reduce costs and take advantage of market prices in periods of low production and high commercial demand. To this end, the need for earlier and more uniform flowering and fruit set requires management strategies to achieve these effects in the crop.

Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has developed one such strategy that has resulted in improved production, crop quality and yield, in a Galdent tomato crop and on a 30,000 square meter farm, applying two of its new solutions on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary: Maxivell Vital and Auxvell Vital, through weekly root applications at doses of 4 l/ha of the former and 2 l/ha of the latter, each on an area of 10,000 square meters.

Through these treatments, the trials conducted showed increased flowering in tomato plants using Maxivell Vital and Auxvell Vital. In addition, there was a clear improvement in blossom quality, reducing the number of non-commercial fruits that develop during the cold season, as well as an improvement in the organoleptic characteristics of the fruits with an increase in the soluble solids content (º Brix).

On the other hand, Maxivell increased fruit set and fruit set, as well as fruit size and fruit firmness in harvests from the middle of the crop cycle, while Auxvell improved harvest quality parameters, especially average weight and size. Yield per hectare in the crop was increased by 17% with the use of Auxvell Vital biostimulant and by 13% with the use of Maxivell Vital biostimulant.

Auxvell Vital is a product that combines concentrated L-tryptophan and glycine betaine (7%) of natural origin. Promotes Auxin (AIA) synthesis in a natural way, improving rooting and fruit fattening. It also reduces the need for exogenous hormones. Its glycine betaine content ensures correct translocation in crops subjected to abiotic stress. It also reduces the incidence of stress-related pathophysiologies such as fruit abortion, poor blossom quality, cracking and malformations in fruit and other plant structures.

Maxivell Vital is a fertilizer with amino acids obtained by enzymatic fermentation of yeasts that promotes fruit set, fruit fattening and yields, as well as homogeneous flowering thanks to its high content of biologically active amino acids, potassium and phosphorus.