Increased root length, vegetative biomass and nutrient uptake in zucchini crop trials

Radivell Vital, Vellsam’s new rooting agent, acts on the main root,
inducing a change in the architecture and morphology of the root system

Potential benefits of increased root density in plants are
determinants for the successful implementation of a crop. Growth
vegetative growth is directly related to the development of the root system,
This parameter is especially critical in the early stages of postemergence growth,
as well as post-transplant.
The architecture or morphology of the root system will differ according to species, crops,
soil conditions and agricultural management systems, as well as the
water availability in short periods of time, since any decrease in water availability may
slowing biomass accumulation and, therefore, crop yields.
This is why the application of high precision rooting agents is of vital importance.
that enhance the generic expression of the plant and accelerate the establishment of the plant.
cultivation. In this regard, Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has developed a rooting agent of
rapid absorption, which acts on the main root, inducing a change in the
architecture and morphology of the root system, stimulating the formation of roots.
and the number of absorbent hairs, which translates into a greater number of secondary
soil exploration, expanding the cation exchange surface in the rhizosphere.
between the plant and the soil. In this way, the roots absorb more nutrients and
to form the biocompounds created by plants and plant biomass.

In one of the trials that Vellsam has carried out with this new product, Radivell
Vital, in zucchini crops in the Levante Almeriense region (Almeria, Spain), the
results have shown an increase of 20% in root length, which was a significant increase in the
16% more vegetative biomass. This improvement in the root system allowed for a
higher nutrient absorption in the sap analysis with values of 13% more in
nitrates, 6% more potassium and 10% more calcium, as well as a lower absorption
of sodium salts compared to control plants.
Radivell Vital is a potent rooting agent designed with an optimal blend of amino acids.
enriched, such as glutamic acid and tryptophan, which enhance the absorption of
nutrients and water, thus promoting more effective rooting. This product
stimulates Auxin (AIA) synthesis in a natural way, which makes it especially useful.
during periods of root loss.
The tryptophan present in Radivell Vital is transformed in several stages until it becomes
in auxins, which are essential for the development of the root system of plants.
In addition, it contains a significant concentration of L-glutamic acid, an amino acid
essential for the formation of various plant proteins, which allows the plant to
plant to synthesize the proteins necessary for its metabolic processes.