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RADIVELL VITAL is a powerful rooting agent that includes an optimal blend of amino acids specially enriched with glutamic acid and tryptophan that increase the rooting effect, thus improving the absorption and translocation of nutrients and water.

RADIVELL VITAL promotes Auxin (AIA) synthesis in a natural way, improving rooting, especially in times of root loss.

The tryptophan present in RADIVELL VITAL undergoes several transformations (L-tryptophan -> indolpyruvic acid -> indolacetaldehyde -> indolacetic acid (IAA)), its last transformation being the auxin that plants use to develop the root system, among other plant organs.

RADIVELL VITAL also contains a high concentration of L-glutamic acid, which is considered to be the fundamental unit for the formation of the different vegetable proteins known. The importance of this amino acid lies in the fact that from it the plant will be able to synthesize those proteins or substances involved in the metabolic pathways that the plant needs in each phenological stage.

– Stimulates root growth
– Neutralizes phytotoxic effects of heavy metals
– Prevents the appearance of deficiencies
– Activates the growth of N-fixing bacteria
– Gives the root a greater resistance to low temperatures.
– It helps the plant to overcome nutritional, water, phytopathological and thermal stress.

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