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VELLAMIN 24 is a product with a high content of free amino acids, in levorotatory form (L-amino acids), specially designed as a foliar and root fertilizer. It is a protein hydrolyzate in liquid form, which provides the plant with the amino acids necessary for a greater vegetative development, especially in difficult times or in unfavorable climatic conditions.

VELLAMIN 24 due to its amino acid and peptide content also helps crops to overcome adverse conditions such as cold, pest attack, drought, oxidative stress, and to make better use of traditional fertilizer.

All plants need essential amino acids for the biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes of a protein nature, as well as for the formation of nucleic acids, hormones, cell wall polymers, and other molecules that are essential for vegetative and reproductive development.

The main way of supplying amino acids to the plant is through the root, taking the inorganic nitrogen from the soil provided in the fertilizer. In this way, the plant has to absorb it through the root, transport it and transform it into amino acids (together with carbon and hydrogen). These steps can take place in an optimal way if soil, water and plant conditions are favorable and, consequently, with an extra expenditure of energy.

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