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Osmovell Plus

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OSMOVELL PLUS is an organic fertilizer of vegetable origin with a high content of glycine and betaine (90%). Its ability to regulate the osmotic balance maintains cell turgor and improves plant resistance to situations caused by extreme temperatures, salinity, drought, etc., in addition to producing a clear increase in yield.

In addition, OSMOVELL PLUS contains 10% proline which is a regulator of the internal functioning of the plant and, in turn, stimulates plants in stressful situations. Therefore, in the event of a drought, drop in temperature, wind or hail, this amino acid will help it to withstand and get out of that situation more easily. OSMOVELL PLUS reduces the incidence of stress-related physiopathologies such as abortion of newly set fruit, poor blossom quality, cracking and malformations in fruit or other plant structures.

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