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EKLOVELL is a potent fertilizer and anti-stress natural fertilizer from Eklonia maxima. Its high-tech formulation and its components make EKLOVELL act as an enzymatic and hormonal precursor of the plant, obtaining better development of the leaf and root area, quantifiable in better quality and higher yield at harvest.


EKLOVELL increases yield and quality in crops, improving fruit size without altering its natural balance and without producing negative side effects in pre- or post-harvest as happens with other products of synthetic origin. EKLOVELL increases in a pronounced way the efficiency of potassium utilization within the plant itself, as well as in the soil increases the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus and other mineral fertilizers.. Likewise, their synergy achieves greater resistance to droughts.


EKLOVELL also contains several very important components for plants such as auxins, cytokinins, brassinosteroids, polyamines and florotannins, which reactivate crops from adverse situations or stress caused by abiotic agents (phytotoxicity due to pesticides, frost, hail, transplanting, burns due to excess salts or fertilizers),

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