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VELLPOTASSIUM is formulated to supply potassium as a complement to the normal fertilizer, which does not contain nitrogen, sulfate or chloride. It can be applied by foliar application or dissolved in irrigation water.

VELLPOTASSIUM is a potassium deficiency corrector, presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution. Its use prevents and corrects potassium deficiency states in citrus, stone and pome fruit trees, horticultural crops, grapevine and vineyard, hazelnut, strawberry, olive, ornamentals, as well as any other affected crop.

Potassium is involved in the plant’s water regulation mechanisms and in the formation of proteins, and is also responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates such as starch and cellulose. It acts as an activator in cellular respiration processes and enables the active conformation of many enzymes involved in metabolic processes. It also regulates the transport of photosynthesis products through the phloem and their distribution to the organs, enhances resistance to drought, frost and cryptogamic diseases, increases the mechanical resistance of the stems, strengthens the root system and participates in the filling and ripening of fruits.

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