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BOROMAG Ca is a product designed to solve physiological problems caused by deficiency of nutritional elements, thus being able to prevent and control damage caused by “Palo Negro” and fruit splitting.

Due to its fast penetration, it allows to obtain in less time results against rachis dehydration (black stick), apical necrosis and banded fruit, which leads to a decrease in the quality and quantity of fruit and vegetable production.

This particular formulation makes the elements present in the formula immediately available to the crop. Amino acids and growth factors, of which BOROMAG Ca is particularly rich, favor the migration of Calcium, Boron and Magnesium into the plant. The formula has a valid application from the early stages of vegetative development, i.e. from germination to fruit formation. It should be remembered that at this phenological stage Calcium in particular is essential to promote growth and the formation of cell membranes preparing the fruit for a better consistency.

The Boron present in the formulation favors the absorption of Calcium itself. Magnesium keeps photosynthesis active, favoring the formation of carbohydrates.

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